Monday, January 2, 2012


My prayer today, this second day of January 2012. My prayer as we begin a new year with new possibilities, new hope, and new beginnings for a ministry given to us by God......
Dear Heavenly Father, as I commit 2012 to You, as I seek Your face, Your will for us this new year, please guide me, guide us. Show us your will for us.  Lord, You know our hearts, our desires.  Lord, You have a plan for us.  We ask You to lead us in Your way.  I commit the next 90 days to prayer specifically for our FAITH 500 Vision Lord, that You will open doors for us as we seek to buy land in Uganda. Show us, Lord, where, how, when, what.  We want to do Your will, and be obedient to Your call on our lives.  I pray, Lord, that You will provide the resources needed to purchase the Land, and that You will provide the resources to build on that land.  I pray Lord, that You will be with us here as we move forward in faith, as we make preparations for the work we believe You are calling us to there.  
Make our way straight for us.  Light the path for us, each step we take, that we will know we are following You, our Guide.  Not our will, Lord, but Yours....not our work, but Yours.  Take this seed you  have planted in our hearts....water it, nourish it, make it grow into the ministry You have for us.  It is so hard, because we want to do your will, and often what we want can look like Your will because we want it.  I pray Lord, that if it is not your will for us to move forward with the FAITH 500 Vision, that You will not only close that door, but redirect us, our thoughts, our hearts......but if it IS Your will, that you will continue to open doors, and that you will open them in amazing new ways even more beautiful than we ever imagined to see them.  Thank You, Lord that you are in control, that You have a plan, and that You have given us this us to be faithful to You in it.  Bless 2012 and the work you have already prepared for us to do.  We love you Lord, and thank you for this privilege of working for You.  In Jesus Name......Amen (Amena!)

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  1. This is my very first blog entry for 2012. I hope you'll read the prayer and join me in praying for this work