Friday, January 13, 2012


Dear Friends and Family,
As you know, we have been praying, seeking God’s will and working toward moving to Uganda in order to be involved first-hand with the ministry work of Mercy Uganda.  We have committed the next 90 days to prayer and fasting, as we move forward with what we believe God is leading us to do.  We are currently finalizing some of the last minor projects on our home in order to put it on the market by March 1st.  This will be a pivotal part of our relocating to Uganda.  We know that God gave us this home, and perhaps it was for such a time as this, that we could use money from the sale of the home to help provide us with resources to start our ministry lives there. We are following what we truly believe the Lord is calling us to do, and we are committing our lives to service there, starting with a one to two year commitment, seeing what doors God opens from there.
We have been prayerfully considering a timeline, realizing that God’s timing is the perfect one, and we want ours to align with His.  So, here is what we are working toward in our timeline: March 1st-house on the market; June 1st-have the $90,000.00 raised to purchase the land and begin clearing; August 31st-Mark travel to Uganda to begin the building of a small home for us on a small portion of the land purchased in the Faith 500 Vision. A small home will also be built for our Director, Henry Mello on that land as he will be overseeing the Agriculture and Livestock program of the ministry; November 1st-Laura move to Uganda. 
If the $90,000.00 is raised by June 1st, Laura will travel to Uganda in June to finalize the paperwork with our team over there, and secure the land title. At this time Laura will also be taking a new ministry worker, Nicki, over to live. Nicki has graciously agreed to a one year commitment helping Mercy Uganda in the educational program, taking part in the work Lauren Walker has been doing for the past two years.
Once the land title and ownership are secure, our team in Uganda will begin the land clearing process.  During this period we are praying that our home here will sell, at which point Mark will travel to Uganda (August 31st), using a portion of the proceeds from the sale of our home to begin the building process on our home in Uganda. We believe it is critical that we live on the Faith 500 land as Mark’s initial primary role is to oversee all construction in all phases of Faith 500.  We also hope to be able to coordinate a freight that will take other items to Uganda during this period, which will allow Mark to have critical construction equipment transported. 
Some of the things we believe will benefit the ministry and the work on the Faith 500 land is: working on solar energy options, having a large generator that can ship with the freight, building a covered workshop on site to secure materials, and to provide work space in inclimate weather. 
We need your partnership with us:
1.    Pray for us. This is the most important thing we ask you to do.  We do not want to proceed without being covered in prayer.
2.    Share our need with others-friends, family, your work, your church
3.    Would you, your church, your company or organization help us raise the necessary funds to make our Faith 500 Vision a reality? We are seeking $90,000.00 by June 1st to buy the land, (90 groups, individuals, churches, businesses, giving $1000.00 would put us there). Then we will continue to work toward the remaining $410,000.00 that will provide the funds needed to build the orphanage and a small school, as well as provide the resources and livestock for our agriculture and livestock program. 
4.    Prayerfully consider becoming a monthly partner with us.  Based on the economy, and the needs for us in ministry work there, we are looking at $2,500.00 per month. This will cover everything from auto expenses and fuel, to food, travel, household expense, Insurance, and travel to the U.S., including emergency. 
5.    We would like a team of men who are willing to go with Mark to help with construction work on the homes in August and/or coming later to help with construction of the orphanage and school. 
As you can see, the needs are great but we are convinced that we are moving in the direction the Lord wants us to go, and if that is so, then He will provide all we need. 
FAITH 500 VISION: is a prayerful vision of Mercy Uganda to raise $500,000.00 to purchase land, build an orphanage and school, and develop and maintain an agriculture and livestock training program.  This will provide for the most vulnerable children in Uganda, many of whom have already been identified by Mercy Uganda team members.  The agriculture and livestock arm of the vision will provide training in life skills for the older children, food, and a level of self-sustainability for the orphanage and school.
Thank you for your partnership with us.  If you would like more information please feel free to contact us   by e-mail:  You may also contact us or send contributions to: Mercy Uganda, P.O. Box 2082, Lynn Haven, FL 32444.
Mercy Uganda is a 501c3 Non-profit ministry, and International NGO, donations are tax-deductible.
Thank you so much, and God bless you!

Mark and Laura

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